Regular maintenance of telecommunication structures, especially steel structures such as masts and towers, is necessary and often expensive. But when maintenance is neglected, the results can be very costly – even resulting in structural collapse.


As a rule, inspection of telecommunication sites requires climbing and a visual check of the structures. Every struc- tural part is subjected to inspection, this of course also includes checking foundations.

    The structures that we inspect are:
  • Guyed steel masts with foundations
  • Steel and concrete towers including fo
  • Monopoles with foundations
  • Parabolic antennas
  • Glass fiber structures
  • Rooftop telecommunication structures
  • Facilities, including technical rooms,nd antennas

The operation and maintenance of telecommunication installations have made up an important part of ZIMA GC’s services for more than 6 years. We have conducted inspec- tion and maintenance programs on all sorts of telecommu- nication structures in Middle East. Recently we were also asked to include inspections and measurements on other parts of the passive infrastructure in the maintenance program, such as power supply and electrical installations

Our scope of services is managing the operations of the infrastructure together with Level 1 and Level 2 preventive and corrective maintenance of the network including the following:

  • Tower Maintenance
  • Telecom Equipment and Radio Maintenance, BTS, BSC, MSC, VSAT, Indoor…
  • Microwave Maintenance, IDU, ODU, Links…
  • Aviation Lights Maintenance
  • AMC service for all utilities like DG, AC, SMPS, PIU, Battery Bank, Power Plant etc.
  • Handling of Site rent, EB payment
  • Full support to Security Management System(SMS) services to maintain assets at far end isolated cell sites and escalation to team for effective Fault management.
  • Alarm monitoring for assigned site from TOC (Telecom operating Centre) Through client terminal established at ZIMAGC’s premises
  • Diesel filling against petro card provided by Mobile Operators Tower

Downtime on telecom infrastructure is a costly affair for infrastructure companies and creates problems for opera- tors and subscribers. However, the risk of failures and outages at sites due to poor or malfunctioning equipment may be drastically reduced when the condition of the infra- structure is closely monitored and tracked on an ongoing basis. To achieve this, ZIMA GC has developed a technique for auditing the sites by using thermal imaging cameras, anemometers, vibration sensors, clamp meters and noise meters. In combination, these techniques provide the means to thoroughly measure and track the condition and working order of essential equipment.

ZIMA GC’s Project Management Services (PMS) as a special- ized service that provides its clients end-to-end project management services encompassing the entire life cycle of telecom infrastructure implementation – starting from site survey to site integration. ZIMA GC’s Project Manage- ment helps complete compliance and ensures that all issues are strictly managed and controlled to the required specifications. In addition ZIMA GC’s Project Management Services also includes supply of skilled manpower for Project Management activities on time and expenses basis. ZIMAGC PMS teams are extremely focused on complying with the safety and environment aspects of the project.

    Scope Of Project Management Activities:
  • Site taken over from acquisition team and preparation of site layout and soil testing
  • Site Survey & Layout
  • Site Design
  • Site Implementation
  • Co – ordination & Liaison
  • EB and municipality liaison
  • Civil-Mechanical-Electrical projects for Cell Site Infra
  • Turnkey Telecom project rollout
  • Manufacturing of Telecom Towers
  • Project Monitoring Services
  • RF survey
  • Site & System Audits
  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics associated with project rollout
  • Verification of Contractor / Supplier Bills & Project Closure
  • Electrical works for BTS including augmentation of utilities as per the load based on the design
  • Foundation and erection of telecom tower ranging from RTP (9 metre) to 100 metre.
  • Foundation of Civil shelter and Base Construction of prefab shelter
  • Resource facility management
  • Optic Fibre cable laying
  • BTS & Microwave Installation
  • Single Cell Functionality Test
  • EMF survey & radiation measurement
    • Equipment Installation and Commissioning Experienced and Qualified Engineers are deployed for installation and commissioning of all Telecom equipment. The scopes are Installation & Commissioning of
    • BTS / BSC (GSM / CDMA / Wimax / LTE) and MW equip ment
    • SDH / DWDM equipment
    • L2/L3 Switches, Routers, Metro Ethernet Network (IP Core / Aggregation Edge)
    • FTTH / FTTX Wireline BWA (GEPON / EPON)
    • NOCC Testing for VSAT equipment
    • Equipment for in building solutions
    • Network Management System
    Operation & Maintenance

    Operation and maintenance division endeavor to provide dependable, qualitative and responsive solutions to meet customer requirements. The services provided are cost effective. The teams deployed are project specific and well trained with required skills.